Brock Engineering, LLC was formed in 1997 by Timothy J. Brock, PE to provide professional engineering consulting services to the energy industry.

In 2016, Brock Engineering began offering a course in Underground Gas Storage.  This Underground Gas Storage Training is similar to, but expanded from the Katz school in the 1980’s and the Katz and Elenbaas school in the 1990’s.  To date (through 2021), Brock Engineering has held numerous 3-day schools for engineers and geologists and have expanded the slate to include a 1-day school in the fundamentals in underground gas storage training (for field supervisors and field operators).  A one-day school in Inventory Management is under development.

In 2020, Brock Engineering released a computer-based version of their Gas Storage School for Field Supervisors and Operators.

Prior to my retirement at the end of 2021, I had worked for major and independent oil and gas companies, gas storage companies, oil and gas investment firms, banks, royalty owners and others who hold interests in energy-related assets or require evaluations. However, since January of 2022, my scope of services is limited solely to professional training and development.


Timothy J. Brock


Lead Consulting Engineer and Owner

Tim Brock is a professional engineering consultant in the fields of natural gas storage and petroleum engineering with over 40 years of experience. He has prepared gas storage feasibility studies, inventory verification, tracer survey results, various studies and expert testimony.  Tim has published/presented numerous technical papers on various topics over the years. Additionally, in 2016, he began teaching an underground natural gas storage school for engineers and geologists in the natural gas storage industry. He is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and is a member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers, The Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers and The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan and is an SPE Certified Petroleum Engineer.

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