Brock Engineering, LLC Announces its Gas Storage Schools for Fall, 2023

Brock Engineering, LLC is once again offering its Underground Gas Storage Schools in Kalamazoo, Michigan October 24-26, 2023.  This 3-day school is well suited for engineers, geologists, technicians and managers involved in underground gas storage.  Cores from Sandstone, Carbonate and Salt reservoirs will be available each day for examination and review.  The course contains 71 Read More

Staying Out There…

So, when you have been consulting for a while (21 years in my case) I find it is important for others to know you are still out there. How can you best keep your name in front of the companies that might consider hiring you? One way that I have found that works is to Read More


This is a story about reinvention. A couple of years back things were a bit slow in the oil and gas business. We were on vacation in Florida and I was struggling to discern what I could do to use what I know and build up my business. My wife and I took a tour Read More

Underground Storage of Fluids by Katz and Coats now Available

We have secured the rights to make limited copies of this classic book on gas storage, Underground Storage of Fluids by Donald Katz and Keith Coats (1968).  This book is essentially a ‘holy grail’ of information on underground gas storage.  If you are lucky enough to find it on E-Bay, you are likely to pay Read More

Inventory Management

Tim will be speaking at the Southern Gas Association’s Operating Conference and Exhibits July 17-19, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia on Underground Gas Storage Inventory Management. This presentation will cover many aspects of inventory management, particularly in view of API RP1170 and API RP1171 guidelines.